Top 10 Common Car Problems And Solutions

Top 10 Common Car Problems And Solutions
Top 10 Common Car Problems And Solutions

The last night you returned home and had been so hectic that you didn’t even realize that your car direly needed a mechanic hand. And you knew that. The next morning you wake up, doing things in a rush for office. As you get into the car, it is broken down. So, don’t wait till tomorrow what you can do today.

Here we list down top 10 common car problems and solutions.

1- Poor fuel economy

Problem: It is probably caused by the flow of fuel in the car’s engine. A fuel system is a major cause of a poor fuel economy.

Solution: Change the way you drive. If you accelerate the engine needlessly, it causes a massive fuel consumption. Don’t do that. Reduce the weight from your car.

2- Warning lights

Problem: It is mainly caused by a spark plug or wiring failure, diminishing the power of the car’s engine. It ignites the fuel in the combustion chamber of the car’s engine, thus resulting in the engine management light to turn on.

Solution: First of all, unplug the cables of the car’s battery. Wait for 15 minutes till you replug both the battery cables. Now, you will notice that the errors codes and the car’s engine management light are gone away.

3- Overheating

Problem: Car overheating may be caused by very low coolant level, coolant leakage or a very faulty thermostat.

Solution: Use a sealant for time being which can bear high temperatures, to seal leaks. You can also buy a coolant to fill it in the car. If nothing goes in your favor, give a call to mechanic.

4- Dead battery

Problem: If your battery is dead, it means that it is no more a new battery, but rather it is the alternator.

Solution: Change the alternator, or at times you have to change the connections.

5- Flat tires

Problem: It is most probably caused by a sharp object like nail, screw, piece of glass, etc. When it comes on your way, it is something inevitable.

Solution: Avoid driving around debris on road as much as possible.

6- Shaky steering wheel

Problem: This is usually resulted in a course of road rash. In worst-case scenarios, it is because of a faulty steering.

Solution: You should get your wheels aligned. Let them be balanced to satisfy your insight.

7- Noisy engine

Problem: This is extremely bizarre. The causes to the noisy engine include overheating, fuel economy, ignition timing, improper functionality of EGR valve, etc. These causes can produce a heavy air fuel mixture in cylinders, thus igniting before you wait for it to do.

Solution: If you use synthetic oil, your car’s engine gets way quieter. Don’t use mineral oil. Never. If oil is not any problem, check the engine parts if they are worn and torn. In that case, don’t perform. Instead, let the novice mechanic use his tremendous skills on it.

8- Car lockout

Problem: The most common cause of the car lockout is locking the keys in the car. Other reasons include locking system, frozen lock, etc.

Solution: First things first, always keep an extra key with you. Call for roadside help or a two truck.

9- Too much oil consumption

Problem: When oil is consumed, it is so burnt, resulting in severe damage to the car’s engine. Burning oil includes piston rings, worn valve stems, etc.

Solution: Using a denser viscosity engine oil reduces oil consumption. Keep switching a higher grade of oil.

10- Faulty ignition coil

Problem: This is mostly caused by wear and tear, resulting in malfunctioning of the insulation between primary and secondary coil windings and primary coils.

Solution: If you maintain spark plugs in optimum condition, it efficiently prevents ignition coil failure.

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