Adobe Illustrator 10 Free Download

Adobe Illustrator 10 Free Download latest full version. It is offline installer setup of Adobe Illustrator for windows 7, 8, 10 (32/64 Bit) from getintopc.

Adobe Illustrator 10 Free Download
Adobe Illustrator 10 Free Download


Adobe released Illustrator 10, a groundbreaking program for altering vector drawings, in November 2001. Designers and artists may use its robust tools and capabilities to produce high-quality pictures, logos, typography, and other vector-based graphics. Adobe Illustrator 10, which is no longer accessible, revolutionized the field of graphic design and paved the way for the programs that followed it.

Adobe Illustrator 10 Free
Adobe Illustrator 10 Free

The UI of Adobe Illustrator 10 is easier to navigate. Panels, tools, and color palettes can be modified by the user to increase efficiency. Artists could make intricate designs with great detail and realism thanks to the Gradient Mesh Tool, Live Trace, and the improved Pen Tool. With Adobe Illustrator 10, designers could share and collaborate on their work regardless of their platform because the program supported AI, EPS, PDF, and SVG. Adobe Illustrator 10’s minimal hardware specifications made it more widely usable.

Download Adobe Illustrator 10
Download Adobe Illustrator 10


New options, enhancements, and fixes are included in each successive release of Adobe Illustrator. Discussing Adobe Illustrator 10 and the following versions is essential for understanding the software’s development. Notable releases of Adobe Illustrator:

  • Adobe Illustrator CS: In 2003, as part of Adobe’s Creative Suite (CS), Illustrator CS (version 11) was released. This update brought a new user interface, more extensive brush libraries, transparency controls, and Adobe Bridge for organizing your files.
  • Adobe Illustrator CS2: Live Trace, which enables raster-to-vector conversion, was first introduced in Adobe Illustrator CS2 (version 12) in 2005. Most frequently used controls may be quickly accessed via the Control Palette.


You may make vector images with Adobe Illustrator. It is utilized in graphics, logos, illustration, typography, and web design. The intricate artwork and company logos are both within Illustrator’s capabilities. Users can make high-resolution, scalable images for both print and screen use.


  • The Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator 10 simplifies the creation of intricate shapes and paths by allowing pinpoint control over anchor points and curves.
  • With this feature, raster images may be transformed into vector drawings that can be easily edited and resized.
  • Illustrator 10’s new Gradient Mesh Tool allows for gradient-based shading and 3D effects that look incredibly lifelike.
  • With Symbols, it’s simple to create components that can be reused in several designs.
  • Improved layer management in Illustrator 10 allows more intuitive editing of even the most intricate artworks.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP or Mac OS 9. x or Mac OS X (Classic mode)
  • Processor: Pentium III or PowerPC G3
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 250 MB
  • Display Resolution: 800×600 with 16-bit video card
  • CD-ROM Drive: 4x


  1. Inkscape: Inkscape is a free, cross-platform vector graphics editor that may be used on any of these operating systems. It’s feature-rich and has support for SVG.
  2. CorelDRAW 2021: Vector graphics editors like CorelDRAW 2021 are robust programs with various features.
  3. Affinity Designer: Affinity Designer, an application for Mac and Windows, is an expert vector graphics editor. With its state-of-the-art user interface and robust features, you may create professional-grade artwork.

Adobe Illustrator 10 Free Download

Free Download Adobe Illustrator 10 full version latest. It is offline installer setup of Adobe Illustrator for windows 7, 8, 10 (32/64 Bit) from getintopc.


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