Windows 95 ISO Free Download

Windows 95 ISO Free Download latest full version. It is offline installer setup of Windows 95 ISO for windows 7, 8, 10 (32/64 Bit) from getintopc.

Windows 95 ISO Free Download
Windows 95 ISO Free Download


Windows 95 was released by Microsoft on August 24, 1995. It pioneered the concept of a worldwide operating system. Windows 95 was a major upgrade over its predecessors, Windows 3.1 and Windows NT 3.1. With Windows 95 ISO, Microsoft added a GUI to make the operating system easier to navigate. The ubiquitous Start menu first appeared in Windows 95 and continued to evolve in subsequent releases. It came included with the groundbreaking web browser Internet Explorer 1.0.

Windows 95 ISO Free
Windows 95 ISO Free

Compared to its predecessors, Windows 95 ISO was a huge step forward and set the standard for modern computing. The Start button, taskbar, and Internet Explorer integrated right in were all new features. “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones was used in Windows 95’s $300 million ad campaign. The ads helped spread the word about Windows 95. Windows 95 was widely used, but it wasn’t perfect. The OS was plagued with bugs, freezes, and blue screens of death. It might be infected with malicious software, putting sensitive information at risk.

Download Windows 95 ISO
Download Windows 95 ISO


There were two versions of Windows 95 out there. Windows 95B fixed the issues that plagued Windows 95A. There were enhancements and problem fixes in Windows 95B, also known as Windows 95 OSR2 (Original Service Release 2), for things like Plug and Play devices, networking, and extremely long filenames.


Windows 95 ISO was used in both private and professional settings. As a result of improvements in networking, security, and performance, businesses adopted it. Home users praised the product for its intuitive interface and multimedia capabilities.


Windows 95 ISO introduced several new features that made it a significant upgrade over its predecessors. Some of the notable features of Windows 95 include:

  • Another game-changing feature introduced by Windows 95 was the taskbar, which provided instant access to all open programs.
  • The interoperability of Plug&Play devices was enhanced in Windows 95, simplifying hardware installation.
  • Extended filenames were originally made available in Windows 95, allowing users to give their files and folders more descriptive names.
  • Windows 95 introduced the world to the first built-in web browser, Internet Explorer 1.0.

System Requirements

  • A 386DX or higher processor
  • 4 MB of RAM
  • 50 MB of free hard disk space
  • VGA or higher resolution display
  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device


  1. Windows 2000: In 2000, Microsoft released Windows 2000, aimed at the corporate sector. Security, stability, and networking were all improved upon from Windows 95 thanks to the Windows NT kernel.
  2. Windows XP: The release of Windows XP by Microsoft in 2001 was quite successful. It supported multimedia, networking, and security and featured a more up-to-date user interface than Windows 95.
  3. Linux: Linux is used by both businesses and governments, as well as by regular individuals. It’s more secure and dependable than Windows 95, and it works on more hardware.

Windows 95 ISO Free Download

Free Download Windows 95 ISO full version latest. It is offline installer setup of Windows 95 ISO for windows 7, 8, 10 (32/64 Bit) from getintopc.


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