8 Best Children’s Educational Apps for FireStick

8 Best Children’s Educational Apps for FireStick
8 Best Children’s Educational Apps for FireStick

You cannot argue that your children will use electronics if you have them at home. Why not provide them with something that would teach them new stuff if they already use it? 

You can use Amazon’s FireStick because they are somewhat kid-friendly. Kids can download free educational software from Amazon. 

Some of the applications on this list could need parental supervision. There are numerous topics covered in these educational apps. 

These space-related learning, networking, and informational apps also tutor in alphabets, linguistics, calligraphy, math, and several languages. The top educational applications for children on FireStick are listed below.

  1. ABCmouse.com 

This is the finest educational FireStick app for kindergarten, first, and second-grade children. The app contains all of their connected topics. The addition of different activities in it makes learning enjoyable for them. 

The software adheres to the established curriculum. Therefore, all of the tasks and publications are in English, but there are 900+ books in Spanish if necessary. 

It includes puzzles, music, graphics, videos, and printables. The app is ready for rewarding and enjoyable learning.  It requires 134.5 MB of available space to be downloaded.

  1. ABC Phonics 

Your children will learn to read and write in English using the ABC phonics. Additionally, the software is offered in 8 different languages. 

There are 26 educational games included in its teaching method for English. Furthermore, a sketching game engages children in learning about the upper and lower case alphabet. 

Now that it includes musical animations, the children can recall the phonics easily. Take a picture of the child and display it in one of your preferred frames to help make it more meaningful.

  1. Rosetta Stones 

The Rosetta Stone application is among the well-known FireStick apps and includes more than 20 languages. It will work to improve your child’s linguistic competence by starting with the fundamentals and moving on to interactive sessions. 

You can boost your little one’s confidence by selecting from various conversational topics. Their speaking abilities will improve with the introduction of the speech recognition function. 

A phrasebook can serve as a reference guide when perfecting a new language. Audiobooks and classes will also be helpful. The linguistic app is 66.8MB and was created specifically for the Amazon Fire tablet.

  1. Stack the States 

The premium app Stack the States teaches children about countries and takes up 34.3MB of the device storage. You can play around with the globe and rearrange the countries on it. 

Highlights include HD photos of famous US locations, detailed maps, state quizzes, and physics-based games. Out of 50 available state icons, you can select one to act as your representative. 

You will be put to the test with a questionnaire based on states. The main goal is to gather state symbols by providing accurate answers to the questions. 

You may follow your performance on the map and open additional games after collecting state emblems. The free bonus activities are Map It, Pile Up, Puzzler, and Capital Drop.

  1. Starfall 

The Starfall software resembles ABCmouse.com in specific ways. Once again, this educational app gives youngsters the knowledge ideal for them. 

The tales section covers various subjects, including plays, fiction, non-fiction, Greek mythology, and Chinese tales. It includes themes related to math and writing as well. 

Your children will find the songs, educational games, and vowel articulation helpful. Save 41.1MB so you can download this instructional software.

  1. Pinkfong 

Pinkfong is an attractive and colorful application. Learning about colors, styles, sizes, and geometry is the primary goal of this instructional Amazon Fire app. 

Children can distinguish between distinct shapes and patterns through a variety of activities. Songs are included to impress newbies. 

Your child can also play sorting activities while studying. The complexity grows as you advance from level 1 to level 10. 

Children can even earn rewards for finishing each stage flawlessly. Therefore, youngsters can select one of five languages before beginning all of these. When using the software for the first time, children can choose the language of their choice.

  1. Kids A-Z

This application will act as a liaison between professors and pupils. Children have unlimited access to and use of e-resources. 

Additionally, using annotation tools helps to clear up any ambiguities in teachings. A quiz will be given after the class to gauge your child’s comprehension. 

The test’s results and report are then automatically displayed for the teacher. This takes up less room than the others, taking up only 29.6MB.

  1. Writing Wizard 

This app provides the road map if your child is starting to learn how to write and recognize the alphabet. Its user interface is easy to use and convenient

Kids may begin learning to trace and experiment with writing alphabets and numbers as soon as they download the software. There are colored pencils and 40 animation icons to make tracing more enjoyable. 

You can alter the traceability settings if your child is having any difficulties. With over seven fonts, children can even improve their handwriting. 

The child can play with the animated letters that follow writing. Additionally, you might record a list of your words for them to copy and memorize.

Wrap Up 

Technology is no longer the same because of the evolving times. Earlier, education could only be obtained from a school. 

Yet nowadays, technology has proven to be a helpful resource as well. For the Amazon FireStick, there are educational applications that are worthwhile for you and your children. 

They frequently participate in activities and strive for enjoyable learning. So, as you can see, these informative Amazon FireStick apps for children will undoubtedly aid in grabbing their interest. Just incorporate it into their routine and watch them pick it up.

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