Anu Script Manager 6.0 Free Download

Anu Script Manager 6.0 Free Download
Anu Script Manager 6.0 Free Download

Get Anu Script Manager 6.0 Free Download from this post. Are you looking for this software for your Windows? If yes then I am going to provide a link to download it and install it on your computer. This is a very unique software that provides premium features to users.

So, if you are looking for its latest version 6.0 then you have clicked on the right post!

For Indian users, it has amazing features in font and language. This software support about five different languages and of course the mother language and font…Hindi. You can install its latest version in Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 system.

To get to know more about the software and its features…I will recommend reading this post completely. Also, you can download it from this post as well.

So, let’s get straight to our topic.

What is Anu Script Manager 6.0 Free Download?

Anu Script version 6.0 is a true type font program that is used for more than five different languages. The Microsoft Office supporting 2003, 2005, 2007, and others can easily add this additional program. In addition, most of the 3D Max and other 3D applications create languages for the title.

Anu Script Manager 6.0 Free Download is developed by Anu Graphics Systems as a Software Program in the category of Multimedia and Audio. There are thousands of users for this software program from all over the globe.

They check out this system program a lot, last month this software was updated 63 times.

This shows that regular updates are given for the software and developers work on the feedbacks of the users. Features for the customers are updated as well and you will see additional tools on the main menu. While working on this system software you will see a modest interface.

How does this program start?

Anu Script Graphics is a Pvt. Ltd. information technology established by S in 1990 as an informative company. The passion design of this system program was given by Murli Krishna, which makes the software more relatable to India.

He was a typography and designing engineer.

Compared to previous versions, today’s company has evolved better in terms of performance tools. The high-quality Indian fonts are available by the company as Anu Fonts. In the last 25 years data has been established by the company.

Later, it was started to be printed in Telugu. In the household, it established a great name as Printing and Verilog Industry.

Numbers of states like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh use Anu Fonts only for printing. It is highly used in newspaper printing, TV channels, digital printers, DTP, and others.

You can read the performance and working of this software below.

The working of Anu Script Manager 6.0 Free Download

As I mentioned, it was developed by Anu Graphics…it is available in its latest version 7.0. You can Download Anu Script Manager 7.0 Free for PC also from here. However, we are going to talk about version 6.0 because it is more flexible and compliable with most of the systems.

Following systems can run this software with no issue.

Anu Script Manager is developed for Windows and rated with stars for its performance. User feedbacks are a very essential part of this program.

In addition, there is much more alternative software like Lipikaar. However, this system program is much compliable with others so that made users go for it!

Version 6.0 is a much-requested script manager.

There is a number of programs present as alternative for this software. So why you should use Anu Script Manager 6.0 Free Download only? Well, this can be understood by reading the features of this software.

Why use Anu Script Manager 6.0 Free Download?

Well, the performance and working of this software are much reliable than any other program. In addition, it also holds a modest user interface. One can add the program easily with any Microsoft program and use it easily. So, this makes the software a better platform.

In addition, you can read the other features of the application.

• The software supports multi-languages.

• User can use up to five different languages on this platform.

• It also provides Bit Torrent support to the users.

• You can use the Upload Manager to keep the data online.

• There is a flash video downloading feature that helps the user to get the video content.

• One can use the UBS stick as a portable mode as well.

• Before completing the work, there is both audio and video preview.

• While downloading, you can accelerate the speed as well.

• One can resume the paused downloads as well.

• The powerful scheduler and smart file manager make the software a better option.

• User can download the whole website or web page with HTMP spider.

• You can download the partial Zip files as well.

• The traffic usage can be adjusted as well.

• There is Adware protection and active spyware for active users.

• In conclusion, you are going to see many other features while using the software.

How you can install this software?

Now I have discussed all the necessary aspects of this application and if you wanted to download and install it in your Windows…you can follow some basic steps listed below.

The set-up file comes at 12Mb size, it is compliable with both 32 and 64-bit architecture. Windows Operating Systems XP to 10 can run this program. The minimum RAM and Hard Disk space is 1GB and 50 Mb respectively. In addition, the processor can be Intel Pentium or above.

• Get the set-up file by clicking on the link DOWNLOAD.

• Go to Downloads and double-click on the file.

• Now install the application by completing the process.

• Re-start your PC.

• Add the program with your other software.

• Run the application.


This was my review of Anu Script Manager 6.0 Free Download. I hope you have found this review useful. Overall, this is very useful software and one must download it.

So, download the program now!

In conclusion, you can share your views about the review in the comment section.

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