Auditing Software & Audit Management Systems

Auditing Software & Audit Management Systems
Auditing Software & Audit Management Systems

Audit central auditing software  is the most versatile and comprehensive form building platform of it’s type. It offers advanced form builder functions in an easy-to-use interface with almost no learning curve. It’s most common uses include:

  • Auditing (OH & S, quality control, retail compliance, etc.)
  • External surveys (customer / supplier feedback forms)
  • Incident reporting and management
  • Support tickets
  • Once the data is in, you’ll enjoy the versatility of a completely customizable report builder to dig deep into the stories that your data is telling you!
  • Op Central has built the smartest and most intuitive suite of auditing tools to keep compliance high and risk low.
  • Compliance Management System
  • Empower field managers with the audit and checklists they need to help franchisees and local operators perform at their best.
  • Smart Checklists
  • Build beautiful, mobile accessible smart-forms to help field managers assess and improve the performance of franchisees and local operators.

What is an audit management system?

An audit management system is software that significantly cuts the time and effort it takes for an organization to pass an external audit or conduct an internal audit. It does that by automating audit lifecycle activities to simplify the process.

Audit software can also integrate with a document control system, enabling users to find and access any necessary audit program documentation.

Effective risk management and the requirements to comply with government and industry regulations are spurring the need for ongoing auditing. For example, regular compliance audits reduce the risk of non-compliance for companies that are regulated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework  or that adhere to ISO 27001 or the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

An audit management solution helps companies manage audit planning, audit-related tasks, audit data, and audit processes in one, comprehensive system . It also allows companies to create and maintain audit checklists, identify areas that they might need to improve, and implement the processes necessary to take corrective actions.

What are the Benefits of Audit Management Software?

Audit Management Software is vital in letting you do more with less. In addition to the existing internal audit requirements, Auditors are now being asked to be proactive with risk management and provide insights into government regulations. It is no wonder that companies are looking for solutions to make these tasks easier and more time-efficient. Being able to execute the audit process quickly and effectively to a high standard reduces the risk of non-compliance and provides insights into any potential problems or issues much quicker than conventional approaches to auditing.

Audit Management Software provides you with a system to support all types of audits in your company and seamlessly customize how you would like that information delivered to and viewed by key staff, management and any other authorized users.

All aspects of auditing can become automated to save time and improve productivity and efficiency. As you create them, audit checklists can be saved and used for any future audits. Saved audit checklists can be modified and updated or saved under new titles to prevent you from wasting time by having to start from scratch each time. Checklists can easily be printed off to ensure that your off-line record-keeping meets regulations.

Audit Management Software can run audits at any time of the day or night and with any desired frequency. Audits can be scheduled across different departments simultaneously that use the same audit checklist across the entire company without conflict. Audit Management Software reminds the auditors and their auditees a few days before the audit is due. On the first day of the new audit, the software flags the audit to the auditor and remains on their system until the audit is completed. This helps auditors stay on top of their audit commitments. The software allows auditors to make amendments even when the program is running, which means that alterations can be made as matters arise when the audit is in progress.

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