Blockchain Technology and the Future of Internet

Blockchain Technology and the Future of Internet
Blockchain Technology and the Future of Internet

Since the world develops more connected, advanced and virtual, new opportunities arise for collaboration, communication and innovation. Notwithstanding, simultaneously, the issues of online protection and hacking develop as well. 

The present internet of data depends on a course of trading information through copies. If you forward a picture to your friend, he gets a copy of that picture but cannot access the original one on my phone. He has freedom to edit his copy or delete it, it does not influence the first one. This implies that the picture you send to your friend does not have any worth as it tends to be replicated a limitless number of times.

Blockchain technology comes to change this by preventing the making of copies. If you forward something by means of a blockchain, you get access to the first one to the friend you are sending it to. This becomes one of its kind and everyone who can approach it, sees it similarly, which means transparency at its best. In addition, it can be compared with a google doc. All who you welcome as a viewer to your file can have access to that file. The content of the file can be seen as well as the changes which were made in it. This makes the internet of significant worth.

The Future of the Internet

Blockchain originated Bitcoin, the most well-known digital currency out there right now. Before blockchain, it was not really imaginable to make a virtual valet, as such a system was likely to be hacked. However, transactions have now become 100% transparent, which makes a decentralized and 100% virtual money.

According to an article published on Huge Thinking blockchain and tech news blog, Blockchain is the future of the Internet, and there is most certainly some reality to it. The manner in which we pay, save our information and trust each other will be straightforwardly affected by blockchain innovation. This in-dependency and privacy has made this technology the revolution of internet and of course a new beginning of the future.

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