Cloud Architect Certification for Proficient Cloud Architects

A cloud architect is one of the most critical computer and information technology job profiles. For companies, it is crucial to acknowledge cloud computing systems and implement security features if they want to secure their data security. In addition, an architect of a cloud platform is responsible for maintaining, developing, and designing the entire system.

This cloud architecture contains different service providers that help your organization to keep everything in place. It includes AWS, Microsoft partner, technology partners, Google Cloud, etc. Taking the course and passing the test are the prerequisites for architect certification.

Cloud Architect Certification for Proficient Cloud Architects
Cloud Architect Certification for Proficient Cloud Architects

Who are Cloud Architects?

Cloud Architects are IT professionals who transform a project’s technical facilities for the customer and supervise its cloud computing strategy. Cloud computing includes servers, storage, networking, database, analytics, and intelligence. They connect with cloud technology to create and develop services related to cloud systems.

Professional architects play a significant role in your project’s optimization and maintain its cloud computing system for tech research companies, computing businesses, information technology service providers, IT departments, etc.

Skills Required to Become a Cloud Architect

Cloud architects work with IT professionals and software developers to solve public, private, and hybrid cloud computing issues and fulfill their needs. To perform effectively on the field, you require some skills which you can get only when you take the cloud architect certification course. Some of them are listed below.

  • Excellent understanding of one operating system. There are various operating systems, including Linux, Unix, Solaris, Ubuntu, and Windows. Understanding some excellent networking like TCP, IP address, HTTP, and DNS is crucial if you aspire to be a cloud architect.
  • Learning programming language is another skill you are required to know. Again, it isn’t necessarily significant, but knowing the basic of it will help you as a professional cloud architect.
  • Whenever your organization’s database is included, a high-level understanding of security is a must. Architects use firewalls and network security devices to secure the data.

Why become Professional Cloud Architect?

With the demand for professional cloud architects, the pay scale significantly surges. Organizations have moved to cloud computing platforms for better scalability, optimization, security, and problem-solving ability. Cloud architects are among the highest-paid professionals worldwide, but their salary depends on experience, location, and industry size. Every organization utilizes a cloud computing system to integrate into their operations.

●    Professional Cloud Architect Path

Having a professional cloud architect certificate validates your skills and knowledge, and your employers know that you have the professional experience to handle the job. To acquire the certificate, you must complete the cloud architecture courses and take the test eventually to estimate your understanding of the field. Below is the list of courses you can opt for.

Course 1- AWS Solutions Architect

AWS (Amazon Web Services) training courses are designed to provide a thorough knowledge of AWS’s architectural concept and its IAM, VPC, EC2, and EBS services. This video has the complete guide on AWS solutions architect if you are self-studying this course.

AWS Solution Architect Training 2021 | AWS Solution Architect Full Course | AWS Tutorial|Simplilearn

Course 2- Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft Azura fundamentals will introduce the main principles of cloud computing and show the method they used to develop Microsoft Azura.

Course 3-  Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate AZ: 104

This course helps you learn the skills to conduct technical tasks like managing Azure identities and governance, executing and developing the storage, managing computing facilities, etc.

Course 4- Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions AZ-305

Microsoft Azure infrastructure solution teaches you the technique to determine the workload needs, design & security of the employees, data platform, creating continuity, and resettling.

Course 5- Google Cloud Platform Architect Training

This course authorizes you to develop the skills to flourish your cloud architecture career and become a certified Google cloud solutions architect. 

Course 6-  Cloud Architect Capstone Project

Cloud Architect capstone project is a unique opportunity to conduct group research and invent an effective solution to real-life problems. For a cloud architect, it’s one of the most required courses.

Adds Credibility To Your Resume

Cloud architect certification provides field knowledge and adds exposure to your resume. You are entitled to choose your credentials, so select the one that interests you or the one required by your current or prospective employers.

●    Cloud Architect Jobs

Cloud architect jobs are not limited to one field, as every business requires to organize and analyze its data. The position demands you to pursue six different courses and provides you with multiple job opportunities.

1. AWS Solution Architect

As an AWS solution architect, you will manage and maintain the database in the AWS cloud. You may also see yourself securing the cloud and scouring for ways to minimize the risk that can demolish your cloud infrastructure. The average salary range for this job position in the USA is $288,083 annually and 6.3 lakhs yearly in India.

2. Cloud Network Architect

The cloud network architect focuses on the cloud network environment and estimates its performance to accelerate the system’s effectiveness. For that, you will be required to create and develop the strategy.

3. Junior Cloud Solutions Architect

As a junior architect, you may be responsible for creating front-end and back-end platforms, cloud network architecture, or cloud delivery systems. You must interact with the clients and managers if you work on front-end platforms. The salary range of a junior cloud solution architect in the USA is $176,442 yearly.

Apart from this, there are other job opportunities like Azure cloud architect, Openstack architect, cloud platform architect, cyber solution architect, principal cloud architect, senior cloud architect, etc.


Since the cloud architect is one of the top job profiles, acquiring its certification has become significant. If you are ready to take the course, the Simplilearn cloud architect course is available online. You must pursue the six courses and crack each to get a certification and desired job.

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