How To Choose Professional Graphic Design Service Online

How To Choose Professional Graphic Design Service Online
How To Choose Professional Graphic Design Service Online

A graphic design is all about its software. Selecting a graphic design online is a bit tricky. It involves analyzing many parameters and going with the one that satisfies most of your requirements and not to forget, it has to be under your budget.The intuitive programs, flexibility, learning curve make all the difference among the graphic design soft wares. Based on the need, you may have to go with more than one design software. We here in this article discuss various parameters to consider while selecting best graphic design sources software online and the great deals on graphic designs that are available online.

There are professional graphic design software services like Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Sketch, Affinity Designer, CorelDraw Graphic suite and Adobe Indesign CC which should either have to be subscribed or a one time purchase. There are few other online design software services available, which are free of cost but have lesser options available but mostly used for basic jobs. 

Raster & Vector Graphic Editing

The images are of two types. Raster images and vector images. Most of the image formats we know like JPEG, PNG, GIF are raster type of images. They build on colored pixels. The more the number of Pixels in a square inch, the clearer the image. Less number of pixels lead to distortion of the image when it is zoomed. This file type cant be resized without changing the resolution. Adobe Photoshop is the best tool available to work on raster designs. However, for vector designs, it is not suitable.

 On the other side, Vector images are built using mathematical formulae, so they allow more flexibility. File types such as PDF, EPS and AI come under Vector images. This design is used mostly to design which usually need resizing. As these designs are based on mathematical formulae, they can be manipulated without compromising the resolution. A brand logo designed using vector design can be resized from printing it on a newspaper ad to advertising it on a flight. Sketch, which is exclusively available on Mac, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw can work great on Vector designs.

Touch Interface Support

Smartphones changed the digital world since they flooded. The graphic designs need to upgrade with touch user interface so that users using touch haptics can use them. All the above mentioned design software services have this feature but that are available online for free couldn’t have this feature.

Publication Layout

This feature, which is also called magazine layout support. Newspaper and magazine companies mostly use this support. There are few websites, who love to present their web pages in this format. This support isn’t available on Adobe Photoshop but Adobe Illustrator is the master in the industry pertaining to this format.

Pro-Level Typography

Everyone loves uniqueness when it comes to advertising or presentation. A numerous number of font styles and sizes can allow more number of options to the user. This feature is available in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator, CoralDraw and Inkscape.

Data Driven Charts

Data driven charts, also known as infographics, are used to present the useful info in a pictorial format makes it more effective and easily understandable. This is a vector based support function available only in Adobe Illustrator. There are few free soft wares that are available freely online. They have inbuilt options to create charts and info diagrams.

Learning Curve

The more advanced the professional graphic design software, the learning curve gets steeper. Advanced designs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrators are quite difficult interfaces but once you get used to, you can create wonders in those. One’s skill level should be advanced to use them.

The best Graphic Design tool you need:

Selecting the graphic design tool is completely individual based on their or the organizational or the clientele needs and requirements. So, here we discuss the tools each graphic design software offers, their pros and cons, cost and great deals on graphic designs for beginners and advanced users.

1- Adobe Photoshop

Used for complex raster designs, Image manipulation. It is considered as an alternate word for manipulation of images. They offer 20GB cloud storage for 9.99$ per month with a one month free subscription. The full creative cloud costs around 52$ / month. It has an integrated stock library, plenty of design tools for image editing. This can’t create Vector files and the interface is a bit tough to get used to.

2- Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator shares some common features of Photoshop but is centered around Vector designs. Beautiful designs Logos, icons, typography and sketches can be created using this tool. This requires an advanced skill set and a steep learning curve. It has a helpful user interface, supports precise editing and a wide variety of tools. It is available almost for the same cost of Photoshop.

3- CorelDraw Graphic Suite 2018

CorelDraw is a capable and powerful graphic design interface. It offers various native capabilities that even Adobe Illustrators need few plug-ins. It is highly customizable with professional level features. It has some ease of use issues and is only compatible with Windows OS.

4- Adobe InDesign CC

The recent update in 2019, the commercial creative came with a satisfying interface for ever more demanding client requests. Despite a few minor quibbles, InDesign has now become a must have for every professional user. It is a superbly balanced interface and has got a huge selection of fonts. It requires subscription and PDF integration should be improved.In this increasingly digital ecosystem, graphic design interface and experience will become the best amalgamation that can create wonders. So, every anticipator should be competent enough to work on those tools. On the other hand, choosing a design tool which satisfies your needs and is under your budget is equally important. The Internet is flooded with some great deals on graphic designs. Make the best use of them.

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