Restoring Videos with Top Video Restoration Software

Summary: Looking to speed up your video restoration process? Choose the best video restoration software to enjoy enhanced video restoration.

Restoring Videos with Top Video Restoration Software
Restoring Videos with Top Video Restoration Software


Old is gold. Watching old videos is a great way to cherish golden memories. However, old videos lose quality over time, and sometimes, restoration becomes difficult. Video loss is a loss of memorable moments. Thankfully, technological advancements let you restore the quality and resolution of your old and dull videos.

AI-based video restoration software offers extensive features to bring life to old videos. However, choosing the best video restoration software takes a lot of work. The article mentions some useful restoration software with its pros and cons. Choose the best software from the list at your convenience.

The Ultimate List of 5 Best Video Restoration Software with Their Pros and Cons

A few years back, high-quality videos were rare. The absence of the right technology made capturing moments in fine video quality difficult. Restoring such videos may sound complicated. Thankfully, Artificial intelligence has made it possible to restore blurred videos. Advanced video restoration software is famous for bringing life to remarkable memories. These tools and restoration techniques let you enjoy your memories just as they were shot yesterday.

When you search Google, you may find tons of restoration software. Each of them claims to offer the best features for effective restoration. Sadly, picking the best software is not that easy. The vast choices may create confusion when choosing the right tool. We have chosen the best video restoration software to make this easy. Check the top 5 AI restoration software here:

1)   UniFab AI Video Enhancer

UniFab is an advanced video restoration tool that supports super-resolution technology for video enhancement. The enhancer tool works on poor-quality old videos, making them clear and beautiful. The AI software brings varied features to upscale videos in Dolby sounds.

UniFab AI video enhancer also works on unwanted noise in videos. The software works with neural network technology to meet video upscaling requirements.


  • Supports advanced toolkit to enhance video.
  • Provides video editing features as well.
  • It lets you crop, split, and rotate old videos.


  • Supports only a 30-day free trial.
  • Demands high device hardware configuration.

2)   Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere is advanced video restoration software that supports multiple templates for creating professional videos. The video editing software also provides varied features to enhance color, speech, and contrast in blurry videos.

The Adobe editor facilitates adding and transcribing text in existing videos. The software provides bulk deletions, interactive handles, and a waveform display for further refinement of the videos.


  • Supports professional restoration tools.
  • Offers varied file formats.
  • It provides a rich feature set.


  • Difficult for beginners.
  • Offers limited features in the free trial.

3)   Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is a helpful video editing and restoration tool that provides enhanced AI features for upscaling videos. Final Cut Pro is a professional video editing tool available on Apple computers that uses a machine learning program to detect and improve video for better restoration results. The tool lets you enjoy broad control over old videos by providing editing features.


  • Facilitates manual frame creation.
  • Supports pop-ups for easy editing.
  • Provides instructional features and tips.


  • Paid versions support limited features at high costs.
  • Support challenging interface for beginners.

4)   Topaz Video Enhance AI

Are you looking to generate smooth and sharp videos? Edit your videos with Topaz Video Enhance AI. Topaz is the best video restoration software, and it is widely used for video restoration and upscaling.

Topaz supports video enhancement capabilities and varied AI features that work on the finest details of the video and help correct old videos in the best way.


  • Facilitates batch editing feature for bulk videos.
  • Support video enhancement in simple clicks.
  • Generate video results in more than 30 output formats.


  • Supports only a one-month trial version.
  • Occupy a massive space for software installation.

5)   AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is an enhanced video restoration tool that offers comprehensive features to correct, manipulate, and improve old videos to clear and enhance output. This AI tool uses a neural network to restore dull and blur videos to modernized videos.

The software lets you enjoy extended opportunities to bring life to videos. It supports face recovery, video refinement, denoising features, etc.


  • Easy to use tool for even beginners.
  • Supports multi-frame enhancement features.
  • Let you color black and white videos.


  • Slower speed for huge video files.
  • Limited video restoration in free versions.


Quality and resolution have always been an issue for content creators and videographers. Thankfully, advanced AI video restoration tools work on the basic details of videos, ensuring better video results. There are myriad AI video restoration software, and this article mentions the 5 best tools.

Compare these restoration tools and correctly choose only the best software according to your requirements. Choose a tool that helps you restore old videos, making them look magical again.

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