The Free HandBrake Software

HandBrake is one of the world-famous and best multimedia software in the industry. You can create a wide variety of formats and sizes as well. The main purpose of HandBrake software is for converting videos from almost any format to a collection of widely supported as well as up-to-date codecs.

This software is a powerful tool specially made to support you obtain the most out of your digital media. It can even support any format of videos and also support you to convert them. Along with this, you have many features on the panel to modify the characteristics of the video while converting.

Moreover, the HandBrake is post-production software. Its basic use is to convert videos from supported source formats to MKV or MP4 format. If you want to make changes to your source code, you can simply make use of this suitable video editing and converting software.

This HandBrake actually takes videos you have previously and then makes new ones, which effectively works on your tablet, computer, mobile phone, web browser, game console, TV media player, and closely anything, which supports contemporary video formats. Official site:

TheFree HandBrake Software - The Free HandBrake Software
TheFree HandBrake Software

The Main Functions of HandBrake Software

The HandBrake is a free-to-use video transcoder and it is often utilized to change videos from several various formats into more normally utilized ones like MP4. Really, it is the most effective software for minimizing the file size of a video.

Now, you can easily download this software from its official website and it greatly supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Currently, everyone can utilize this HandBrake tool to make their videos free of charge. When you begin using this video transcoder tool, you will discover plenty of exciting features and functions for the conversion of video.

  • DVD and Blu-ray Ripper

The HandBrake is an excellent open-source Blu-ray and DVD ripper. It is fully a free ripper that can rip all the homemade discs. Apart from ripping Blu-ray and DVD, this HandBrake software can perform plenty of smart things such as adding subtitles to films and converting videos, and many more. 

All you want to do is to choose a profile based on the quality or target device and then decide, if you need to use a HandBrake to link the subtitles to a movie file and then click begin encode.

This DVD ripper is free, open-source, and cross-platform. Furthermore, frequent updates can make sure that this HandBrake provides a cutting-edge feature set.

  • Video Converter

The video converter remains a leading choice for this multimedia software. It has a collection of video editing options. The HandBrake video converter is not only one of the leading free software choices available, but also it is well-packed with editing capabilities as well.

By using this video converter, you can join the files together and have one big merged file. Also, the videos can be converted to HTML 5 or Flash as well as MP3. Among its several formats of the output file, you can simply rip the DVDs to 3GP, AVI, MKV and MP4, and more.

One of the amazing features is when you rip it to become a DVD and also you can add a menu with the clickable chapter titles. With its capability to rip videos to a wide range of formats and video modification, this software is an amazing free video converter.

  • Audio Converter (Convert DVD to MP3)

HandBrake is a downloadable as well as a free program, which allows users to convert to and from a number of video and audio formats to MP3 encoding. Unluckily, the HandBrake software does not allow any audio-only conversions.

If the users want to have the audio-only output for placing on CDs or use as sound bites, they will have to use another program, which could isolate the audio from video, after their conversion of the HandBrake.


Overall, the HandBrake software is a wonderful tool for converting videos from nearly any format to the best selection of widely supported and latest codes. It supports multi-platform such as Mac, Linux, and Windows. Also, it has the ability to convert video from nearly any format.

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