7 Escape From Tarkov Tips You Need to Know Before Playing

7 Escape from Tarkov tips you need to know before playing
7 Escape from Tarkov tips you need to know before playing

Battlestate Games give you more than just your human opponents to fight; you have deadly NPCs too. Also, some of the opponents you’ll face in EFT are veterans with years of gaming experience. 

In addition, the game will put you in tight corners most of the time. So, you must know some important tips before your next EFT match. In addition, some EFT Cheats will keep you a step ahead of the competition, so take some along.

7 Escape from Tarkov tips for players

  1. Utilize the Scavs mode 

You’ll need to save your gear for PMC games to dominate efficiently. We recommend playing as a scav to get some free gear with nothing on the line. While playing as a scav, you only have PMCs to contend against. However, you must never shoot at other scavs as this will make other scavs, in addition to PMCs, attack you.

  1. Protect your gear at a price

You’ll lose the weapons and gears on EFT if you get killed. The best way to reclaim your weapons even after you die is by insuring them. There are two insurance options in Escape from Tarkov – Prapor and Therapist.

Insurance with a Therapist will have your stolen items returned to you within 12 hours. With Prapor, your stolen weapons and other items will return to you in about 24 to 36 hours. However, failing to claim back your insured items after 72 hours means you’ve lost them.

  1. Place ammo above weapons.

An important aspect of your fights in EFT is your ammo and not the gun you’re carrying. When picking your ammo, you must consider light trail, damage, and penetration power. 

When starting the match, we recommend using ammunition with impressive damage. These will help you claim several kills since most players won’t have high-grade armor on. You’ll also need ammo that satisfies the other criteria to make you a good all-rounder.

  1. Use bots to improve

There’s a huge difference between doing scav runs and playing with bots. Playing against bots comes with no benefits of extra loot or gear. Bot matches are there for your practice time if you still lack the skills to fight online against PMCs.

Utilizing these sessions well will help tremendously increase your gaming skills and strengths on EFT.

  1. Make sure med kits are close by

You’ll surely need weapons and other things, but you never neglect the need for medical support. This is because you’ll reach near-death situations where a handy medical supply is the only difference between life and death. 

Luckily, you have hotkeys that will save you the stress of going to your inventory for anything. Make sure you bind medkits and painkillers to these hotkeys. 

  1. Play one map at a time

It’s quite tempting to play all the maps available on the game as soon as you start. We’d advise against this because you’ll bounce around without a firm grasp on anything. You’ll need to know different loot locations, scav spawns, extract points, etc.

Moreover, your knowledge of these depends on how well you know your maps. To learn the maps better and faster, play one map and know its nitty-gritty before heading to the next.

  1. Protect your body

Many players wait until they can unlock top-tier armor later in the game. You shouldn’t do these because even the least-tier armor can be the difference between a win or loss. Visit the Flea market for light armor such as the PACA soft armor or the Kolpak-1 S riot helmet.

Although light, the PACA is a level 2 armor that will protect you from a majority of pistol and shotgun ammo. You can buy this at the Flea market for just 28,000 Rubles. 


You could be suffering from avoidable woes in your Escape from Tarkov matches simply because you didn’t know. So use tips from players with more experience than you. Scav rounds and matches against bots will help you improve your skills and get some free items.

Insuring your belongings will help you avoid the woes of losing them when you die in a match. Also, pay equal attention to ammo as well as the weapons, but don’t forget armor and some medical kits too. Lastly, play one map at a time if you want to learn faster.

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