Best 3 Reference Management Software in 2020

Reference Management Software
Reference Management Software

Here are three reference management software for you to generate your data with all new output styles.

1. RefWorks

­RefWorks is a unique reference management program as it is prescribed by a large number of colleges and universities in your area. You may have come across it somewhere for your perusal. Allowing you to create bibliographies and manuscripts in all new fashion, the software is enriched with a wide array of output styles, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Vancouver, and Turabian. Does the program not only let you manage bibliographic data, it is handy for academics and researchers at the same time. RefWorks offers you a fragrant experience to work with, in particular when creating thesis for your Masters.

2. Flowcite

If you collaborate on research, Flowcite is extremely useful reference management software, enabling you to share your data with up to 14 people. How it cannot be your top priority for collaboration as it is embedded with a great number of reference types like interviews, podcasts, press releases, etc. Moreover, you can also put citations to PowerPoint. EndNote includes a wide variety of format options with more than 6,000 reference styles. Therefore, you don’t have to run far and wide to look for what it best suits you to cater your collaboration needs.

3. Zotero

It is best when a program like Zotero is free and open source. You are going to pay for it, one thing, and its user interface is so accessible, the best thing. Zotero is a great reference program for students, as they can use it both online and offline on their laptop, iPad, phone, etc. Does this software not only keep and format bibliographic data, it enables you to manage, tag, and look for this data as well. Zotero extracts data from books, booklets, including other online sources, to make the whole process of generating the reference list way easier than you expected.

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