How To Increase Followers Engagement?

How To Increase Followers Engagement?
How To Increase Followers Engagement?

Take a look at the results!

People desire to be noticed. Engage with content shared under your hashtag in the comments area and via instant chat with your followers. Create connections. Respond in a personal manner. Respond to those who ask questions, those who are critical, and those who simply make a kind comment. Instagram is a social media platform designed to facilitate two-way conversation. Last but not least, it will almost certainly increase your target audience’s engagement!

Extra advice: Participate in the comments section on other relevant profiles and stuff that interests you.

Delete any offensive remarks or words

Unfortunately, there are trolls on the internet. You can delete offensive comments and other content from your postings. Under “options” on Instagram, you can also block words you don’t want in the comments section. It is acceptable to critique, dispute, and discuss; but, online trolls and their contributions should be eliminated.

Keep in mind that content created by your target audience is priceless

Fewer than half of people believe ads they encounter on social media, yet up to 84 percent believe recommendations from friends. Share content and photographs from your Instagram followers free, as well as content that has been tagged with your hashtag (but be sure to ask for permission). This way, you’ll get a lot of unfiltered, authentic content, and more people will want to share your brand’s images and videos.

Be genuine and honest, but don’t forget to take high-quality images

We want and need more true and honest content on social media, as seen by the trend. Instagram is also experimenting with alerts for altered and “false” content in the stream. However, this does not imply that you must submit “blurry-out-of-focus” images. Have a unique and real voice, but don’t let it detract from the quality of your images.

Post the video in the proper format

The same rule applies to video as it does to photographs. We frequently see brands post video to Instagram that was originally intended for television (the traditional 16: 9). However, in order to provide your free Instagram followers with the finest possible video experience, you should use the vertical format.

Instagram Stories are also vital to pay attention to. Upload photographs and videos to Stories’ “live” format. The content will be available for 24 hours on the story and can be saved for later use as highlights. You can also upload previously taken photographs and videos to Instagram stories. The vertical format is quite crucial here (as it is with everything on Instagram).


On your profile, highlights allow you to store, view, and group your favorite stories. Here you have a fantastic opportunity to tell a narrative, showcase your company, share tips and ideas, or simply collect current deals! Three different brands are represented in the examples below.

Examine what your competitors are doing

What do they prioritize in terms of style, tone, and content when they post? Analyze your competitors. Check their Instagram on a frequent basis to discover what works and what doesn’t, and be inspired! Social networking is just as vital as other digital mediums.

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