Play Responsibly – Campaign That Shows Poor Results

Play Responsibly - Campaign That Shows Poor Results
Play Responsibly – Campaign That Shows Poor Results

Gambling is a multi-million-dollar business but still, it is not as regulated as one might believe. Attempts are being made to make gambling a better experience for everyone involved. In this regard, attempts are made by Spincastle to launch an online campaign targeting users and explaining to them the benefits of safer gambling methods. The campaign was carried out during Safer Gambling Week and was launched in the English version of the Spincastle Website.

Spincastle had adopted an impressive idea to ensure that the messages reach out to a greater number of users. They stuck to the orange theme of the Safer Gambling Week and displayed their messages boldly on top of their site. This ensured that the messages are distinguishable and easily perceivable for all users. The general idea was to ensure that the safer gambling messages could easily get through to the general crowd. The three choice messages displayed on the Spincastle website were:

  • Thank you for caring
  • Responsible players do not lose
  • It’s Safer Gambling Week 2021

With an array of interesting messages, Spincastle conducted their campaign. In the past, they have uploaded educational content regarding safer gambling methods. However, these were not that well-received. The Safer Gambling Week campaign results showed that the first message received a click rate of 2.29%, the second message had 2.49% hits, and the third message got 1.99%. Combining all that, one could say that the three messages attracted about 2.29% of the users who visited the website.

The project lead, Martin Stranski, of Responsible Gambling in Spincastle declared that the numbers were higher than that received for the educational gambling content. This has to be a positive indication and they are planning on launching other such campaigns all year long.

The Big Question: Now What?

It is obvious that 2.31% is a really low number and this is what we see in the action of the UK Gambling commission (UKGC). There is so much criticism towards their work. The biggest of all is that UKGC is instead of the main role of regulating the business trying to kill it. There were some positive steps they took against money laundering or protecting the minors, but most of the other actions could completely destroy the industry and lead the UK players to non licensed operators. Campaigns like this do not work so… now what?

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