Why Character Counting is Important When Writing Articles

Why Character Counting is Important When Writing Articles
Why Character Counting is Important When Writing Articles

We are all writers in some way. Whether you are writing a class paper, a copy for a website or trying to come up with a perfect Facebook or Twitter post, counting character will make it easy for you to convey your message.

Counting character helps you stay on target with your article writing without having to guess how much you have already written by counting the words manually or eyeballing on the screen.

Here are the reasons why character counting is important when writing articles.

  1. Ensures Google reads your content
    Every writer wants their content to rank high on the search engines. Though there are plenty of factors that go into determining the perceived overall quality of an article by a search engine, word count is among the most important considerations.
    Google sees websites, posts, and pages with short blocks of content as lacking authority. For your article to be perceived as quality and authoritative, it needs to have several hundred characters or longer and with well-understandable content.
    But too much character can also turn off readers even if Google finds your content to be “quality and authoritative”, which can lead to fewer clicks and open from the audience, resulting in demoting of your page by the same search engines that liked the content.
    To ensure your content is optimized for both search engines and users; consider character count of between 300 and 1,500 long. If your character falls within this range, you are on the right track to having an article that both your audience and search engines will love.

  2. Help you write for human readers
    While you want your article also to be read by search engine bots, your primary target should be human readers first. Articles are meant to be read, and the audiences want to see the characters in the passage contain variances in length as well as style. They will be attracted to a content that is clean, free of errors, and also includes engaging information. And as a bonus, all these elements also help with the search engine as well.
    Use a character counter to ensure that you create an article that is clean and readable.

  3. Allows you to optimize your articles for social media
    Paying attention to character count when writing your articles will help you optimize them for social media. Each social media platform comes with its own optimal character count that prevents your article from being truncated or cut off.
    Counting characters help you optimize each of these small bits of micro-writing.
    When it comes to social media, Facebook usually allows 250 characters or less, while Twitter 280 characters or less.

  4. Pass your school assignment
    School assignments usually come with strict rules about the required length. This can be challenging, especially for the assignment that requires word or page counts or a certain number of paragraphs.

  5. Helps you become
    Discipline is important in whatever you do in life and that includes writing. If you want to become a better, respected writer, you need to learn to be disciplined. Creating articles that fall within constraints, such as specific character count, can go a long way to help you learn to manage yourself and express your ideas properly in the article. You will also learn how to use varying sentence and paragraph length and thinking about how the whole piece comes together.
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